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Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's Grace Notes "help!"

Monday's Grace Notes  "help!"
Godaddy has disabled my accounts but was happy to accept their payment last month.  They say that it should be repaired by today or Tuesday...  now how do I make a Grace Note out of this one?  Any ideas?  Enjoying coffee in a huge 44DD cup... size,  LOL!  "I am one of Gods masterpieces...  Masterpiece Theater that is... we all need a drama :)  My doctor and friend called me Friday night, phoned in a new antibiotic for a new chest cold, complimented me on my new paintings, told me that I was working too hard and take it easy on the weekend "pretend that your sick".  I didn't follow directions. Sometimes following my own advice is like swallowing a bitter pill. Why does God insist that I keep having to relearn my lessons.  Maybe He just wants to make sure that I keep showing up in class every day.
Celebrate the day!

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