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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Grace Notes

Tuesday's Grace Notes  Great way to begin the day w/ a great laugh,  looking forward to recess, a snack then an afternoon nap...  I love Kindergarten! LOL I keep receiving new music and art students that are so talented that maybe I should pay them!,,   I may  not be the most talented person but I am very good at marketing myself... can I help you as well?  "open my eyes so that I may see"  Oh my gosh!  It's a beautiful day out there and I haven't even opened the front door yet!,  clothing myself w/ humility...  I may be a bit overdressed today,  my new self imposed BIG seven day weekly planner so that I can "get it all done".
Okay.  Once again I talked too much....
Celebrate the day!

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