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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Asbellarts: Marketing 101

Asbellarts:Marketing 101.  This course develops the 60/40% approach to selling your work and treating it as a business.  It does not give you a free fish.  It teaches YOU how to throw out your nets.  The cost is from $20 t0 $100.00 per month.  This is only for the artist that already has a body of work. Examples of our goals are "I'd Rather Be In My Studio", "the Artist Way", and "Talent Is Never Enough" . These are required readings  for this very affordable course at your pace, NOT suggestions. I will not sell or represent your work. I am teaching YOU how to do that. What I legally can"t do for you I will send you to ones who can.  If you are ready to commit I can"t wait to meet you.
Why am I doing this?
I have a life expectency of day to day.  My doctors say that the only thing that is keeping me alive is my faith in God and awesome attitude. I am unclenching my fists and tossing out the candy as fast as I can.
Social Marketing 60/40% approach

Newsletter Ideas
New Business Websites and Blogs
Artist Reading Materials
Self Promotion
New Galleries
Art Bloggs, Twitter, Facebook... and that is only the tip of the iceburg
Art Associations
Finding An Supporting a Passion/Charity
Scheduling, Time Management and Organizing your Studio
I will teach you how to do most of this for free...  really
I consider you all as my "new friends'.


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