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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday's Grace Notes

Wednesday's Grace Notes
Today is a great day.  I am in increased pain (large wounds on legs) and am having tremers.  So why is today so special?  I have to dig deaper from my soul to really give thanks.  So here we go!  I am thankful that I can tie my own tennis shoes with out asking for help,  my doctors are "allowing me" to live alone and take care of myself,.... and I am very good at that,  Playing and singing "Someone Like You" by Adele on the piano late into the night, reading about a man that due to an injury 25 yrs ago lives in a power chair, just like me and has trouble getting enough sleep each night because he is so excited to live another day... we are the lucky ones, my "No Excuses Bag" that I made.  Today I pulled out "How can I help?  I'm in a chair?" Answer, They may be moving but I can put together a basket w/ baked goods, instant expresso, disposable coffee cups and a cream cheese spread while the movers are there.  Spoken like a 29 yrs Army wife...  and one more thing???  In pain I watched Joyce Meyer but it left me only hungrier to be spiritually filled.  I guess I just have to read my Bible.  No the lesson is not lost on me.  I geft it.  NOW it will be a wonderful day!
Celebrate the day!

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