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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday's Grace Notes

Sunday's Grace Notes
If it takes a village to "raise" a Nancy well in the last few days it took an Army and God meddled in the whole thing the whole time.  I thought that I'd share.  I mean really share.  Then I remembered that "oh ya, you really do have a life.  So.....
Finally being on the right meds and big guns antibiotics so I am no longer sitting in my wheelchair simply crying, in April AT&T contacted ME to tell me that my identity had been stolen and my business sabotaged.  It is February 2012 and I now have it back... I have it back....  my dog Panda getting into the garbage and I realized that if I had his boring life I would get in the garbage too, simple "acts of kindness" from others really CAN save my life,  I slept 'til 10:00 people!  And then I just got out of my bed, into my chair, poured coffee w/out spilling it (RA) and watched Joel Osteen.  My neighbor even got my newspaper, I am awake... no naps today.  Okay.  Now I am crying, tears of joy.  Sooooo
Celebrate the day!

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