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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday's Angels Unaware

Sunday's Angels Unaware
Years ago I was rushing Steven and Shannon to our car from one of my many jobs to the other and there is Steve playing with something w/ a stick.  Moms, we've all been there.  Steven!  Hurry up!  But Mommy we have to save it!  It's not a dead mouse!  It's a hummingbird and it's drowning!"  Oh good grief. He patiently fed it nectar from one of my petunias and in the 106* Mojave Desert heat 45 minutes later it buzzed out into the desert. Alive. I was the hurried "Church Lady".  Steven was the 11 year old "Good Samaritan"  Yes this choir director/worship leader DID show up late and when I shared this story there wasn't a dry eye in church that night,
Celebrate the day!

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