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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Angels Unaware

Angels Unaware
After my Eight long years of having seizures and Epilepsy we had a woman's retreat at "my" church where I was the music minister.  At the very beginning we all, mostly "strangers", all of the ladies held hands for Jesus to "take away my Epilepsy".  Oh didn't they know?   I didn't have Epilepsy, it had me. It was who I was.
Two weeks later at 103 pounds I was admitted into the Hospital neurology department for two weeks in Las Angeles.and it was decided that I didn't have Epilepsy after all but complicated migraines that presented themselves as seizures but were TIA's (mini strokes) and brain inflammation.
Here is the neat part ( I am now a Lupus advocate and my symble is butterflies) once home my church family gave me a beautiful stained glass of a butterfly symbolizing "new beginnings".
Oh ye of little faith.

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