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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Grace Notes

Friday's Grace Notes
I slept through the night. Didn't wake for pain medicines, only had some new wounds to treat for messes. I only struggled to breathe once I got up... and I was giddy. I gave myself shots, took blood pressure nmeds, I took my daily photos of my legs for my health care team..  today they are fire engine red (I am an artist you know so I can change from black to red if I want to),  it took me one hour to shower, re do some wounds and get dressed on my own and I was giddy,  my Mayo staff said That I still run a huge risk of losing my legs but due to new treatments using "balloon's" I should be able to live through the surgery.  Maybe NOW you can understand why I am so giddy!  Giddy up and go and
Celebrate the day!

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