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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Grace Notes

Friday's Grace Notes
My cup runneth over... quick I need to empty my hands before I "waste" my blessings,  Don't tell me that people on facebook are superficial...  you people are way too good and supportive to carelessly discard with such words while YOU grace ME with another blessed day,  I woke up with a chest cold and realized that as long as I don't laugh or giggle I wont break into a caughing spell. I'm, "okay" and then it hit me, I live by myself and laugh that much?  Where is Nancy and, you've  heard it again "where did she go?"  Today I need to slow down.... but I can still play the guitar and piano just no singing.
Celebrate the day!

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  1. Thank you so much for blessing me with the reminder to focus on the positives. I always strive to be grateful for what my body can do and not on what it can't. I am grateful for the aches and pains as they remind me I am alive. I will post this tomorrow, but my wheelchair repairman came today to see why my chair was making noises. After much experimentation, he realized it was my wheel bearings -- so he is going to find me some in the basement of the shop and come back next week and replace them for free. For that I am truly grateful.