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Monday, February 20, 2012

Angels Unaware

Angels Unaware
Anybody out there and have 5 kids and have said "What was I thinking?" Hello.  How about being 50 yrs old with 5 rockin' kids?  Hello!  This is a posting about my big Sister Michele and my brother in love Chip. They are a true witnesses to what parenting and love has the potential to be. I was a very good mother, the best of the best and I never had a clue.  Did I mention that my beautiful sister has MS?  They have so much to teach, so much to share and so many people to encourage.
Please help them to continue to encourage others if nothing more than sharing this post?
Oh and by the way.  Michele is a powerhouse.  You rarely see her without a smile on her face and seems to always find the funny side in everything.
I want to be like her someday when I grow up.
They call themselves the "Rainbow Clannad"
While I "celebrate the day"
Her motto is "Living the dream.

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