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Friday, March 9, 2012

THURSAY'S GRACE NOTES: PLEASE READ! This is the most important Grace Notes that I have ever written.

THURSDAY'S GRACE NOTES.  PLEASE READ!  This is the most important Grace Notes that I have ever written
After falling out of my wheel chair on Monday left with even more wounds and a damaged and wounded left eye I was given the facts of my diagnosis for the rest of my life due to my chronic wounds. I can not go to large populated events ever. My main heart breaker is church. In my powered wheel chair I can go to a large store, like Publix as long as I do not get close to many other people at the time. No body can visit me at my home if they are sick or have a family member that is sick.  I will be losing my house and, my car has been repossessed.  But this is when the weird thing comes in.  I am still "inappropriately happy" and still look forward to the next fun day.  I still have my art , music, and marketing "job" and totally "work" from home.and I still have people (yes even you)  and Jesus will never ever leave my side.  The most "horrible" things that I go through the more I can help others because I have gone through them myself.
I no longer celebrate the day I celebrate each minute.
So let's go out there and let's rock our world!
I love you all.


  1. Nancy, I am very sorry that you are experiencing health and financial difficulties. Please let me know when I can expect to receive either the Misty Marsh painting that I paid you for in early February or a refund. I have not gotten a reply to my numerous emails and phone calls over the past 6 weeks.

    Claudia Barlow

  2. The check was never cashed because she went to the ICU right before it was received. She has been hospitalized ever since and things have gotten worse and worse. We can mail the check back if you'd like.

    1. Steve,
      I'm sorry to hear of Nancy's death. I will contact you offline via email.

  3. Rest in Peace Sweet Sweet Nancy ~

  4. Celebrate Eternity my dear friend!

  5. So sad to see her pass but grateful she isn't in pain and suffering anymore. What a bright and shining light she was!

  6. Wow, I never knew this person, but I like her. She makes me realize I need a major attitude overhaul. God bless Nancy.

  7. rest peacefully and painfully now. you will be surely missed. prayers for your family and friends