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Friday, March 9, 2012

THURSAY'S GRACE NOTES: PLEASE READ! This is the most important Grace Notes that I have ever written.

THURSDAY'S GRACE NOTES.  PLEASE READ!  This is the most important Grace Notes that I have ever written
After falling out of my wheel chair on Monday left with even more wounds and a damaged and wounded left eye I was given the facts of my diagnosis for the rest of my life due to my chronic wounds. I can not go to large populated events ever. My main heart breaker is church. In my powered wheel chair I can go to a large store, like Publix as long as I do not get close to many other people at the time. No body can visit me at my home if they are sick or have a family member that is sick.  I will be losing my house and, my car has been repossessed.  But this is when the weird thing comes in.  I am still "inappropriately happy" and still look forward to the next fun day.  I still have my art , music, and marketing "job" and totally "work" from home.and I still have people (yes even you)  and Jesus will never ever leave my side.  The most "horrible" things that I go through the more I can help others because I have gone through them myself.
I no longer celebrate the day I celebrate each minute.
So let's go out there and let's rock our world!
I love you all.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Asbellarts: Saturday's Grace Notes

Asbellarts: Saturday's  Grace Notes
Having the privilege to empty my dishwasher even if only from my wheelchair to empty my dishwasher, hey Steve, your fig plants, orchids, bottlebrush bushes and astromaris are blooming!  The cleaning team that I've had for years cleaning my house in high gear over an hour that I paid for in shear kindness.  They actually lost $ on me that day.  Just knew that I needed help,  the lushnessnes of a fresh peach and a slice of pineapple, with my eyes closed the wind in the tall pine trees almost sound like the wind at the beach and having about 20 ducks fly over my head in my neighborhood and wondering why all of the busy people don't even notice,

Nancy Asbell: Chronic Illness

Nancy Asbell: Chronic Illness
Because of the increased severity of my rheumatism I cannot hold or grasp many things.  Everything ends up on the floor usually broken.  I take time to nicely talk to myself "it's okay Nancy...  it really is okay.  And I go around the house several times a day with a reacher and calmly pick it all up, again.

Nancy Asbell: Chronic Illness

Nancy Asbell: Chronic Illness
Note to self;
If you need to do self directed rehab again do not begin in second grade level when you are really still in Kindergarten.      I'm just sayin'.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Asbellarts: Marketing Tip Of The Day

Asbellarts: Marketing 101 Tip Of The Day
Plan a showing or an event as far in advance as possible to promote and budget for it.
Make it a well anticipated party, the place to be not to be missed.

Celebrate the day!

Asbellarts: Marketing 101

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday's Grace Notes

Thursday's Grace Notes
Seeing things in a different light, be very careful with what you for... God just may be listening again, all of my guardian angels , my new courier service... affordable, professional and insured, (I'm back!), many years ago Glenn and I had the privilege of being the Jax. Lupus Facilitators. My doctors would schedule new Lupus patients before and after my appts to gently hold their hands and support them while my doctor smiled and kept giving me the "thumbs up sign" behind their back, cute,. I don't know where that Nancy is but I think that I can find her AND being so absorbed in my work yesterday that I didn't know that my watch was upside down until 5:00 in the afternoon. I love my life!
Celebrate the day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Asbellarts: Marketing 101 Tip Of The Day

Asbellarts: Marketing 101 Tip Of The Day
Always include an image of your work and/or performance example with every press release or media connection but keep it simple.  After a short three minutes you may have lost their interest must images stay in the minds eye.