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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's Grace Notes

Sunday's Grace Notes
Sleeping 7 1/2 hours straight!  Good golly Miss Molly!  Church is not for perfect people and that is why I miss it so much...   I fit right in,  able to eat an almost full bowl of cereal,  lighting a candle just for me and taking the time to slowly smell the lingering scent before I blow it out, old dogs that carry 1/2 of the "Nature Preserve" back inside with them to share, burning my delicious dinner but there is always tomorrow, "Joel Osteen" ( Mr Smiley) and Nancy Asbell both  smiling too much...  Okay! If they shared the outlook "Choose not to be a victim but a victor" they'd be smiling too.  Come one!  It's good endorphins. I still have legs... and they hurt... and how can I not be praising God...  I still have legs... and they hurt... and, and, I get it.  Bring it on!  Praise God!  I found my marbles.  They were in my chest.  Now I just have a nice calming pur of a cat before he plans his next attack.  Yeah....  I crack myself up.  I have to do something between snacks.  Seriously though, at least I have a beautiful bed to take naps in.  Tomorrow I am going to get my voice back to sing.  Even Panda misses it.
Celebrate the day!

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