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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday's Grace Notes

Wednesday's Grace Notes
Finally getting the correct meds for my pneumonia (I am allergic to too many)  choosing to have fun anyway and placing lightweight easy to read catalogs in my bed to read first thing in the morning or at 3:00 in the morning when I can't sleep, making biscuits just for me... oh and a big glass of chocolate protein powder,  Megan once again taking care of me w/ meds and groceries. I hear that she actually DOES have life... meanwhile she gut me a couple of real tubs of ice cream, you know the kind that I haven't had in a very long time?  I barely remember what they taste like but I'm willing to try,  people willing to take time off of work just to take care of me.  As you can see I am hanging in there but I don't deserve their kindness,  doctors showing more compassion and kindness and giving myself the gift of only surrounded by those who love them.... however there is always that "10%"
Celebrate the day you dear people!

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