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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday's Grace Notes

Wednesday's Grace Notes
Hearing a red tail hawk in my backyard,   not needing to eat just to fill an emotional void because it is already filled with happiness... where is Nancy and where did you put her?  painful experiences and telling God "I may never forget this pain" and He patiently says "I hope you never do"....  Hey!  I'm a very busy person!  But God keeps meddling with my time anyway!   CRAVING Sonic hamburgers and onion rings and thankful that I no longer own a car,  Can you believe that Dunken Donuts tweeted me yesterday to say that they are following me?  Is there no justice in the world?  Writing down so many Grace Notes that it is now my journal ( You are welcome... you really do not need to hear all that I have to "share" and hearing the automatic sprinklers turn on.
Celebrate the day!

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