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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday's Grace Notes

Monday's Grace Notes
Please indulge me.  I am so inappropriately happy you may just want to 'slap me'! My love for my neighbor Megan....  NO I don't 'swing both ways...  I'm not that exciting LOL  I am not her responsibility I am first and foremost her friend.  I can't find the words of thanks.  There is no pity here, just a lot of mutual respect....learning to be humbled every day and STILL tyring to talk less and listen more,  having tiny piddly legs and arms but a huge torso/ neck... from steroids and reconstructive surgeries and know that God still finds me beautiful... isn't that all that really matters?  I rolled over w/ ease today in bed and w/ new meds, got out of it and walked to my wheelchair preparing myself for the searing pain... that was not there.  Pain, yes..disabling pain?  No.  The freeing respect and trust that my doctors give to me for my own self care.
I love you and I love life.
Celebrate the day!
I am there!

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  1. Sounds like a better Monday than many have! Happy Monday, Nancy!

    Tom Mann