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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Grace Notes

Monday's Grace Notes
I now declare that I only have a bad chest cold,  Today I took a real long look at myself in the mirror. I have been sick for several weeks. Once I recognized who I was and the shock began to wear off, I took two hours to slightly recaim my "girly girl".  Is it too soon to say "celebrate the day"?  Waking up to a messy house that I can still live in, hey! who turned on the birdsong again?  I have not been able to ride my blessed power chair down to Publix in several weeks.  It's not about the groceries.  I am well taken care of,  it's the baking manager that offers me not a free cookie but wants to give me a $14.00 torte just to make me happy.  I blush, stammer, give thanks and roll to the produce section.  There the produce manager takes me aside and says "our God is not on our schedule but he wants me to tell you that you are not alone. They know nothing about me... many of you are also in the dark as it should be.  They know nothing.  But they have seen me become weaker.  People who are strangers to me come up and say "you don't know me but you are such an inspiration to me...  you rock!"  I don't deserve any of this but if God wants to give it to me then I will try to pass on my Grace Notes for one more day.
Okay now can I say it?
Celebrate the day?

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