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Sunday, July 3, 2011

This is lupus

From my iPad....
Two weeks ago I developed a red painful rash on my leg while in my art studio and two hours later it had developed into a lifethreatoning attack of Celubritis. By the neXt. Morning my son was taking me to the mayo clinic ER.
Lupus took that one infection and within 24hrs I almost died 3times due to deadly skin decease,blood clot,kidney failure,perm.loss of vision, bowel infection, very high blood pressure, high blood suger,water retention, fluid in my lungs, breathing problems,skin rashes,bleeding eyes..... I am finally out of ICU and. Once stablilized I will go to a rehab center to have the privillage of living to learn how to walk again. Oh and this may show in my message here I am still facing a serriouse fight with Ceribritus... Brain swelling. I am entertaiNing.

This is the face of lupus. We need to fin a cure.

Please, celebrate the day! I know I. Will.


  1. Nancy,
    Thanks for being YOU!!!
    Stay Strong, Keith

  2. We are strong and in number we are even stonger. There will be a cure for Lupus cause we are many, fight, supporting and praying. I am prayer for you Nancy. I also posted a post on Oprah's page asking her to do a show on Lupus. I saw where you posterd your comment and mention you was in ICU. God bless you and as long as there is a fight in you, KEEP FIGHTING.♥♥♥♥♥

  3. It always rears it head when we think it went to sleep for an extended period. We just have to keep going.

    1. Wow! Thank you! I send you my love and support!

      Celebrate the day!