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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday's Grace Notes

Saturday's Grace Notes
I wake up and I still hurt and God says "I know.  And you are never alone".
A lot of people don't like me. I mean, how can she "be suffering" and still be able to post these "Grace Notes?"  Oh just gag me with  spoon! (I wouldn't suggest that.  It sounds very painful from here),  I mean she just about gives her art away. She cheapens the work for of all of us.  Okay. Let's play a game.  You are told by a doctor that you have 30 days to live.  What will you do?  Something good I hope.  Okay how about 3 months to live?  The Mayo Clinic says that I almost died 11 times in the last two years.  They say that they cannot take credit.  It was my faith, incredible will to live and attitude.  Now they say that I live "on a tight wire"... every day is a miracle for me. Today?  Tomorrow?  I and my family know where I'm going. So I unclench my hands and I give free advice to international art lovers, very cheap coaching to artists/performers (if they are really serious about their business) my talents? Eh, landscape artists are a dime a dozen.  My overwhelming amount of experience/wisdom in social media/marketing? Extremely good.
At the end of the day I am telling Jesus "I hurt" he says "I know and you are not alone".
Every day I will selfishly be posting my Grace Notes. They help to keep me alive.
You can always "change the channel."
You see, I am the lucky one.
Celebrate the day!

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