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Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday's Grace Notes

Friday's Grace Notes
Having dried paint on my hands while I work on the computer... oh happy day! Transporting one of my shows from downtown to St Johns, it is nice to be fully involved again,  the neighborhood ducks are no longer afraid of me when I roll on by with my chair, if I want more friends then I have to be one,  giving thanks when when thanks is due... and especially when it is not,  finding joy in the ability to pay my JEA (power/water) bill,  the book "Coming Back.  Rebuilding Lives After Crisis and Loss" by Ann Kaiser Stearns.  I wish that I had the brains and talents to have written it myself  and finding the strength to ask for outside help when that may be what is best for me.
And you my friend!
Celebrate the day!

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