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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Grace Notes

Friday's Grace Notes
The Village Idiot
No wait!  Don't change the channel!
Have you ever paused to think about the hows and whys you became the person that you've become?  Well I do and there is always someone to blame.  Yup.  That's when we begin w/ our parents and it usually is not on a high note.  That's the trend, right?  I could play along but no I would be throwing more of Gods Blessings back in His face.
So play along, please. Yes. Pun intended.
I was born premature.  The Dr gave my mother this way too small baby and says "be careful.  She can't have much stress... good grief.  I really liked that different drummer. (
I was geeky and very talented.  Sometimes poor as church mice my Mom made sure that we always had the finest art supplies, piano lessons, two pianos so we wouldn't fight over who's turn it was to get to play, Michele and I sang and harmonized ALL THE TIME! She made sure that I had voice lessons, two of the best guitars money could buy, encouraged us to be in every play, no matter how stupid our costumes looked and cried every time that she heard me sing lyric soprano as I majored in voice with scholorships..
No Don't let me confuse you.  It's not Mothers day, but she is 86 years old and I have a life threatening disease. Why wait.  Life is WAY too important.
Celebrate the day
I love you Mommy.

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