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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Grace Notes

Thursday's Grace Notes
This is huge!  I am now able to sit up in my bed and use my computer for the first time!  Praise God!,  taking ALL of my prescribed meds from my doctors and am doing better.... I just saw too many Percacet addicted women while in the woman's shelter and I didn't want to join the club... it had ruined their lives, when one lives alone it is really easy to be nice to people LOL, when I am happy my Sheltie is happy... chases his tail, pushes the Staples "now that was easy" button then bestows his treasured chewy to me, since May when my husband has taken all of my money from me my family has sacrificed thousands of dollars and their savings for me and then some as a "love offering"... but I know that with Gods help I WILL be able to pay then back, realizing that a divorce IS a death and it has been a healing blessing to mourn it's loss... anybody w/ me out there?,  and hearing the garbage truck coming this morning and knowing that this week I was strong enough to put it on the street... probably from all of the prayers that have been made for me.  I now hear that some neighbor is putting them away for me.  It takes a village.
Celebrate the day!  I am!!

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