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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday"s Grace Notes

Sunday"s Grace Notes
Unexpected pleasures... this morning I was able to lift my purple swollen stump of a leg 15 TIMES in bed! Yesterday it was only 4,  I am not as fragile as I think I am,  setting up my coffee the night before and rolling out to get my Sunday paper first thing in the morning, not making God drum his fingers and and just tell Him what I need.  He already knows.. He just needs me to say it "ask and ye shall receive" that's called faith,  my successful art and music career and being a mentor to other artists and musicians, the return of my "Artists Marketing Blogs" (by request) and my "Angels Unaware" blogs. I've had a lot of bad breaks... you too?  Well God has healed them all.. man He must multitask well,  If God has truly given me ALL that I need just for this day then "wowie zowie" now I can give the excess away.
I can start over tomorrow.
Celebrate the day!

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