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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"I Once Was Lost But Now I'm Found"

"I Once Was Lost But Now I'm Found"

I got such a great deal!  A periwinkle blue $120.00 jacket from Coldwater Creek for $12.00! Sunday  I wore it to Publix, in my power wheelchair on a beautiful blustery day.  Once back home again I began to take the bags of groceries off of the back of my wheelchair and discovered my beloved jacket was missing! I said out loud "Lord I am too tired to ride back to Publix two miles down the road."  I started to get upset but decided to let it go.  It was only $12.00.
Later that evening my neighbor gave me a call.  "Did you ride down to Publix today?"... "Yes..."
Her husband and sister in law went for a long walk w/ the dog.  About a mile away they found a periwinkle blue Coldwater Creek Jacket on the ground.  "Hey!  That's an expensive jacket!  Karen likes that color!  Let's take it back to her!"
Once it was in my neighbors hands she remembered that I had Facebooked in my blog about my new Periwinkle jacket and sent it back to me.
"I once was lost but now I'm found."
Now THAT'S a God wink!
Celebrate the day!

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